Reach Your 2018 Health Goals with Transformers Fitness, a Black Women Owned Business


Have you ever heard the expression, health is wealth? Well, that’s because your health is the source of wealth in your life. How can you truly cherish what life has to offer if your health is not at its best? If you’re like us, your new years resolution will likely have something to do with losing weight or working out more. So kick off 2018 by joining Transformers Fitness - a fun workout environment to help you look and feel great.

We recently caught up with the two women owners of Transformers Fitness to learn more about their growing business.

Tell us about yourself and your business?

Transformers Fitness is owned and operated by Rachel Evans & LeKeisha Grant. Transformers has evolved over the last 2+ years. We started out simply doing quarterly hip-hop cardio parties. From there we grew to a weekly class, then 3 times a week, and now we have our own space, with a total of 6 instructors, and 10 different classes in just the last year. We teach a variety of group fitness classes, cardio and strength based. We also do private parties for birthdays, girls night in, or just because. The schedule varies but we usually have a class for you about 5 days a week.

When did you discover your love for fitness? And how did that help you to start your business?

Rachel: I discovered my love for fitness after I had my daughter in 2011. I thought that I would "bounce back" after having her but it took some real hard work.  Once I found out the true benefits of fitness, I wanted to help other people get in shape.  


What's most exciting about owning your own business and becoming a fitness trainer?

Rachel: I love meeting new people. I love learning about people’s fitness journey. 

LeKeisha: My only real goal in my career is to help people achieve their goals. If I am able to successfully help someone else, I have won.

What were some of the first challenges that you faced in being a woman-owned business and how has those challenges helped your business grow or helped you grow as a person?

LeKeisha: The area of fitness that we operate in, being group fitness and mainly cardio based is a heavily populated female area. I don’t believe we face any specific challenges because we are women. The fitness world is very egotistical and that has been a struggle because it makes a lot of things that I believe could have been collaborations, competition. The biggest way that this has helped us is to keep us grounded. It always comes back to the class, and the participants. It’s not about us, it’s about them.


Who do you look to for inspiration or guidance?

Rachel: My inspiration is my mother.  She worked in corporate America for years and quit her job to become a full time fitness instructor.  My guidance and second set of eyes is my business partner.  She pushes me and shows me my full potential in the business. 

LeKeisha: I don’t have one easy point of inspiration to separate. I pull inspiration from everywhere, most of the time it’s so random I don’t even know what inspired me. I have two mentors that I go to for guidance, my pastor and a friend of mine who is a college president.

What people, mantras or quotes inspire you, especially when you face challenges, and why?

Rachel: My favorite quote is “If It Does Not Challenge You, It Will Not Change You.” Nothing in life is easy and you will face challenges.  You have to push yourself to achieve your goals. 

LeKeisha: “Most Excuses Started Out As Valid Reasons.” I said that to someone, LOL, and it has been with me ever since. So often we allow ourselves to become stagnant because we are scared to succeed. That reminds me every day when I get ready to make an excuse that I need to own my ish.

The other is, “Just Because You Are Moving Faster Than Everyone Else Doesn’t Mean That You Are Moving Fast Enough.” My pastor told me this earlier this year. This keeps me from comparing myself to others. You are your own meter, who cares how fast the next person is moving because you are running different races.


What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start her own business?

Rachel: Just do it!!! You have to put in the work and the reward will come. 

LeKeisha: Do your research, what you want is possible but make sure you understand what is needed. This is not easy, this is not for everyone and this is not for the faint at heart.

Tell us two or three goals that you have for the year.

Rachel: Stress less, manage my time better, and pray more.  

LeKeisha: Live, stay happy, react less.

What is something you’d like your customers to know - and what do you hope they gain from attending your classes?

Transformers Fitness is here to change the way you look at fitness, build positive images about weight loss and fitness as a lifestyle.  We have a safe place where women from all walks of life come and enjoy the sweat grind.  We love to meet new people and introduce them to the Remix class and all the wonderful benefits of fitness. 

To learn more about Transformers Fitness, attend a class or check out their website or social media accounts.

4189 Salem Ave. Dayton, OH 45416

Instagram: @transformersfitness
Facebook: @transformersfitness

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