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I'm Kristina: I'm a blogger, digital marketer, and a freelance social media strategist. I graduated college in 2015, and since then have worked with various businesses to build their brand awareness &  online presence, create awesome positioning and messaging, taking advantage of everything social media has to offer, and helping them to achieve and measure their goals. I particularly love working with women who are go-getters and have built their own career or side hustles.

As a single mother with a kindergartener, and my own entrepreneurial aspirations I'm always busy working towards my goals. So I'm very passionate about empowering women, especially working mothers achieve their dreams! I see myself as a woman who is a work in progress, and as I navigate through life and learn new things I want to share that with women who are experiencing the same issues as me.


This year, my sister Shyra and I started Vision Her Now! For a while, we wanted to start something together that could last for a long time. Shyra and I share the same father but we were both raised in a single-mother household. We are both Dayton, Ohio natives. During childhood we didn't spend a lot of time together and barely knew each other. Fortunately, we found each other while I was in high school and at a critical time that I needed a big sister the most. Now years later our sisterhood continues to develop. We are both strong, smart, black women with a vision for our lives. We understand that a lot of women face the same challenges that we have faced and are currently facing. Vision Her Now is our voice to the world. 

We understand that a lot of women face the same challenges that we have faced and are currently facing. Vision Her Now is our voice to the world. 


Vision Her Now is a lifestyle website/blog catered to confident, goal-driven, independent women like ourselves. On this website, you will find articles about topics that affect women, such as health and relationships, to career & education, and lifestyle pieces about having fun and experiencing the world with your eyes wide open. Shyra and I will express our different perspectives on these topics since we are both at different phases of our lives. Another key aspect of our blog is to help women monetize their efforts. We will spotlight 1-2 women per month who are making things happen for themselves and their community! This includes women business leaders and entrepreneurs! We all need inspiration, and when women work together, incredible things can happen!


This year, our focus is to just get started and make the best content possible that resonates with our audience. Next year, we plan to incorporate more videos and continue to expand. 

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