Kamilah Campbell is the woman behind, The Pink Locket, a Modern Style Handmade Jewelry Brand


We recently met Kamilah Campbell, an Atlanta businesswoman who started her own brand, The Pink Locket. This growing jewelry business, specializes in modern style handmade collections that embodies “that” woman. Who’s that woman? According their website, she loves simplicity and complexity at times, she’s a career woman, she’s a mom, a sister, daughter, and wife. She is dreams and then achieves, she is Kamilah. Learn more about Kamilah’s journey as a small business owner in our interview below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you created The Pink Locket?

My business is based in Atlanta but I ship products all over for free. I’ve always had entrepreneurship in my blood. My dad and my sister both, have their own businesses. When I was a teenager, I used to help my aunt design jewelry, for her collection called April’s boutique.  So I’ve always had interest in that type of work, from a young age. In 2008, during the recession, I started making and selling jewelry again for additional income. At the time, I was just seeing what would happen. I started off as an Etsy site, and it just grew from there.

I mostly did beading at that time, but now I’m an official metalsmith. I’ve evolved and I truly have enjoyed the process.


How would you describe your designs, what makes them stand out?

A lot of my pieces are named after women who inspired me, either they are frequent customers, or women who are out here doing it big! Whenever I come up with a new design, women often ask, did you name that after me? They get a kick out of it.

I think that is what makes the Pink Locket unique, I’ve created a warm and inviting space for women. I’m also very transparent and honest. I believe that my clients appreciate the level professionalism and excellent customer service, that I have with running my business. To stay creative, I study architecture shapes and skyscrapers. I was born in Jamaica and have visited various places. All of that gives me inspiration to make unique pieces.

What steps did you take to launch & sustain your business?

You have to just go for it. As an entrepreneur, you must stay focused on your goals. For me, I was scared at first, but I had to find the confidence to go ahead and do it. The 2008 recession pushed me to take that leap. It put a lot of things in perspective. I wanted to have more control over my future. I have a corporate job, and it’s provided me a lot of stability, and I’m grateful for that, but I wanted more. Another factor that helped me grow the Pink Locket is my support system. My husband and my family helped me tremendously. So it’s important for future entrepreneurs to find their tribe.

How do you balance working full-time, being a wife, a mom, as well as a business owner?

There is no real balance. You just have to pay attention to what you’re addressing at that point of time. If your kid is sick, then that’s where you need to be. If you have a large jewelry custom order, then you need to focus on that.

Now, I’ve just realized this about three years ago, that I can not be all and do all. We forget about ourselves when we juggle so many responsibilities, and we can not do that! It’s ok to have fun, take yourself off the hook, and just relax. Most things are fixable, it won’t be the end of the day if not everything goes off perfect. Just do your best, but also make time to rest.  

What’s something you wish you would’ve known when you first started your business?

When I started, the idea that you could quit your day job and start a business, seemed easy. You go on Instagram, and you see all these people living the dream. But that’s not necessarily reality. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time, hard work, and pure hustle. You have to be passionate about what you’re doing and really love it. Because you can become a slave to the journey, if the love isn’t there.

For those that are just starting out, I’d recommend  working on your side business part time, so that you can keep all the benefits of a full time employer, until you can successfully sustain yourself. Start off small, have a side hustle, work part-time, freelance, whatever you need to do. Because that stable day job, gives you stability, healthcare, a way to get out of debt before you run your business 24/7. I’d tell anyone to not be fooled by the posers and the false information out there.

Your physical and mental health is key to grow your business. You have to eat healthy, sleep good, and spend time with those that help you to thrive and enjoy your life. All of those things can indirectly give you the energy and creativity to power your business.

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What can we expect from you and The Pink Locket in the future?

Next year, hopefully you’ll see The Pink Locket in a few stores. I’m looking to scale my business, and to discontinue what’s not working and invest more into what is working well. I am going to be offering a lot more products.

Do you have any promotions during the holiday season?

Yes, of course. I have various promotions listed on my website, including Santa’s sleigh. Right now, everything is 20-40% off. I also frequently have a 48-hour flash sale for select items.


More with Kamilah...

What was the first piece of jewelry you sold?

It was at a local flea market. It was a long leather necklace with a shell at the end. I was so excited that I got the chance to have a booth there.

What are three pieces of jewelry every woman should have?

Hoop earrings (gold or silver), stacking rings, and a cuff bracelet

If you could have lunch with any woman (past or present), who would it be, and why?

Michelle Obama, hands down. I’m reading her new book, ‘Becoming’. She’s honest, but also takes criticism so well. She always takes the high road, she’s a wife, mom, and leader. Women can learn a lot from her.

To learn more about The Pink Locket, visit the website, and follow the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube accounts.

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