Adrianna Davis, Talented Blogger of Edible Anecdotes!

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrianna Davis, a Dayton Ohio native. She recently created the blog Edible Anecdotes which is gaining a lot of attention for its sultry, intoxicating content. Each blog post is a story of a fictional character and their innermost desires. 

Can you tell me about yourself and your blog Edible Anecdotes?

I’m a business major at Wilberforce University & Sinclair, currently working on two degrees. I started a blog named, Tough Love 2 years ago. After I wrote a few posts, I realized I wasn’t passionate about it as I had thought. I took a year off from writing to figure out what my passion was. At work, I started listening to podcasts that talked about reaching your goals, and I knew I wanted to get into writing again. 

I am a very physical, sensually person and I love fantasies. In my mind I thought, there had to more people like me interested in these topics. 

I've always heard, The best way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. There is something  sexy about food. I love food. So I thought, why don’t I put the two together, in some of my stories there is a deeper meaning and food isn’t included.

Out of all the stories you have written, who's your favorite character?

I honestly,  love them all. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with Rachel. For each character story I develop, I never know the ending until I start writing. I make each story have a cliff-hanger so that readers want more. For Rachel I had to create a background and as the story progresses you’ll see the effects of her impulsive decisions. 

Why is blogging important to you?

Blogging gives me a voice. I’m able to connect with people through my writing. I love to talk and have a lot to say. Writing takes me out of my element and when you're reading this blog you’ll also be able to escape and feel what each character is experiencing. 

Where and how do you work best? 

For my topic of writing, the bedroom is where I work best. But I do think that changing up the scenery does help. 

How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

Sometimes I have to check myself and make time for it. I have to remember that writing is a great chance for me to escape reality and indulge in my fantasies. I think while you’re young it’s important to chase your dreams. 

Who are your biggest influences?
I don’t have any local influences and that’s why I’m trying to be the one that gets out. I enjoy listening to podcasts about people reaching their dreams and overcoming challenges at their lowest moments. Hearing success stories helps me have the inspiration to pursue my dreams. Some podcasts I like are Side Hustle Pro, Dreams & Drives, and Angela Yee’s Lip Service. 

If someone is interested in blogging, what advice would you give them?

Write content that you are passionate about. Don’t do what everyone else is doing either. 
If you’re doing something that you love, people will see your passion and be drawn to that. There might be people out there that just wish there was content that catered to them that they could enjoy reading. Your blog might just be that for them. 

Secondly, I’d say it’s important to have content ready to go before you build your website. Because life happens and there may be times you’re not able to push out new content every day or every week, so having some content already written will help you. 

And don’t worry about the beauty of your website, just get it out there. Eventually, as you grow - you can get a team to help you with web design and so forth. Don’t spend a ton of money on your blog design until you have a large following. 

Lastly, Social Media is very important for blogging. Social Media will help grow your following. You need to follow similar blogs on social media and interact with people who are interested in your topics. 

Where do you see your blog in the next year?

I see Edible Anecdotes growing with a larger following. I have a social media expert, helping me on the marketing side. 

And, I’m currently working on a follow-up Podcast, Ediblez. I’ll have two co-hosts and it will be filmed by Ayo Productions. The podcast is similar to a talk show. It’s for people who want to listen in their car or or on their phones. We will talk about the same things that are mentioned in my blog. 

What do you enjoy outside of blogging?

I love cooking. I can get lost in the kitchen creating new recipes. And I have a passion for music as well. 

 How often do you blog? How can people stay connected to your blog?
I post about once a week, sometimes I’m able to post two stories within the week. Readers can visit my website periodically to get the newest stories. 

What’s your life motto?
YOLO. When I was younger I used to say that phrase for fun, but now that I’m older it's real. 
You only have one chance to chase your dreams. You don’t want to waste your life not doing what you love and are passionate about. I think it’s important to have a legacy. 

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