Winter Beauty Tips to Look & Feel Your Best [Shopping Guide Included]

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We all know that the winter time can have your skin, hair, and even wardrobe looking -  blah. So here’s our winter beauty guide to look & feel your best. We both can call ourselves product junkies, which can get expensive. To help save money, we suggest sharing the cost with a friend. You both can experiment with new products to find what suits you best - and then share them! Below is our beauty products that have worked for us. Let’s glow up together this season!

Moisturize Your Lips, Face & Body

Kristina:  My skin is dry and the winter time makes it worse. So staying moisturized is my #1 priority this season. I lock moisture in place by using coconut oil and shea butter all over my body. The best time to moisturize your skin is when it’s slightly damp, for example when you’re fresh out the shower. I’d also recommend using a daily moisturizer to keep your skin and neck hydrated. To keep lips soft and kissable, I’d recommend using lip balms. I look for ones that contain cocoa butter or lanolin.

Shyra: I have combination skin which can be a bit tricky depending on the season, stress and eating habits. I love oils like coconut, jojoba or Vitamin E, in addition to a creamy day/night moisturizer and SPF.  Also, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink lots of water, exercise and get your sleep on ;) One last thing- try not to overload your face with too many products, you really do only need a pea size.  The skin can only absorb so much!

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Cleanse & Exfoliate Regularly

Kristina: Cleansing and exfoliating your skin is a must - but for dry skin, like mine,  it’s important to be gentle. When washing my face, I like to use a milk-based, or very creamy cleanser. This keeps my skin from looking flaky. I also like to use oil-based products to easily remove make-up. And lastly, avoid products that contain alcohol or sulfates and parabens.

Shyra: My tip would be to always, cleanse your face both day and night.I also suggest exfoliating your face with a soft scrub and your body with a sugar/salt scrub.  I’ve found that face brushes can be helpful in removing the dead skin. I like to using clay facial masks to soften and plump up my skin. Tea tree gel is super helpful in reducing and drying out pimples.

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Grow & Strengthen Your Natural Hair

Kristina: For me, deep conditioning is key to nourishing my locks. I aim to always by all natural hair care products. If I can’t pronounce what’s in it, then I won’t buy it. And water should always be the first ingredient in any hair product you buy.

Shyra: Ladies, oils, conditioners, and protective styles are your friend! And make sure that you keep your scalp clean and those ends moisturized. I use a satin head wrap and pillowcase to protect my mane. I have to note that exercising, drinking lots of water, clean eating, and getting enough rest definitely has helped me in my healthy hair growth journey.

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Accessorize for the Season

Kristina: To add some impressive style to your winter wardrobe, find a few good scarves to pair with sweaters, basic long-sleeve shirts, and even dresses. This can upgrade your look in an effortless way.

Shyra: I love to layer shirts and blazers with jewelry! Also, cute hats are my fav, becuase they are great for every season.

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Kristina & Shyra


What winter beauty tips work best for you?