Our Review of The Bachelorette


The Background Story

Who watched the Bachelorette? The season just ended, and Rachel Lindsay, the first ever-black Bachelorette choose Bryan. We haven’t watched every season of the Bachelorette, but we can say this was probably the most enjoyable to watch because we see a woman like ourselves in the spotlight. Rachel is a beautiful, successful lawyer, who comes from a wholesome family, and always displayed class and grace. Rachel got the chance to date 31 men over the course of 9 weeks. Her final three men, were Eric Bigger from Los Angeles, Peter Kraus from Wisconsin, and lastly the winner Bryan Abasdo from Florida.

We are pleased that ABC finally chose to diversify their leading lady, but one thing made us a bit frustrated. It’s no secret that Rachel likes men from any ethnicity, as seen from the previous season of the Bachelor and this season of the Bachelorette, and that’s fine. However, on this season, we had hoped to see a bit more diversity in ethnicity and professions of men. Now don’t get us wrong there were 13 black men on this season, but there was a limited number of them who were on the same professional level as Rachel. We would have loved to see a black man that truly complimented Rachel.

Now that’s not to say that the men on the show weren’t a catch, weren’t employed, weren’t special, it's just that they seemed as if they weren’t quite on Rachel’s level. From the first episode, we were expecting to see some black men that resembled Morris Chestnut, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Alba but were disappointed. Where were the successful black doctors, lawyers, business owners? There was definitely a misrepresentation of successful good looking ethnic men on the show.

Rachel’s Final Rose + Proposal

If you made it through the 3-hour finale, you know how traumatic of a break-up Rachel had with Peter. We liked both Bryan and  Peter and were partially rooting for Peter. Peter was in love with Rachel but wasn’t ready to commit to marriage in the show’s short 9-weeks of filming. He was committed to exploring love and seeing where things go.  In our opinion, it normally takes about 2 years to really get to know someone. Peter kept telling Rachel you only get to do this once [marriage/proposal].

Rachel though, would not compromise on what she wanted. At the end of the show, she wanted a proposal and commitment that the man she chose wanted to start a life with her. In her own words, she said that she had been in a previous 5-year relationship that ended in nothing. She no longer wanted just a boyfriend. Ladies, how long will you stay in a relationship waiting on a commitment?

Bryan, her now fiance, wanted the same things as Rachel. And we have to admit that every time we saw them on camera, they seemed very passionate and in sync, and that’s something every relationship needs. Bryan’s last words on the finale, were “We have easy effortlessly love.” What are your thoughts on love and finding the right one?

What can be learned

We think the biggest lesson from these type of shows, is that you have to play by your own rules when it comes to love. Everyone might not agree with your choices but if you find someone who makes you happy and treats you right, then do you boo...and grow in love!

We are happy for Rachel, she found her true love and they look great together. We want to hear from you. What did you think of the show? Do you agree with Rachel’s choice?

With Love Always,

Shyra & Kristina