Girls Trip Review: 3 reasons this is a MUST-See Movie

Girls Trip is the best movie I’ve seen all summer...There is power in sisterhood! I got the chance to see this movie on opening night, with my sisters and we all enjoyed it. This is a comedy with a deep heartfelt message about the value of friendship. Essence describes Girls Trip as ‘The True Magic and Meaning of Black Sisterhood’. I LOVE that this movie showcases black women in a positive light, but don’t be mistaken this movie is perfect for all groups of women who have phenomenal friends in their lives, they call their sisters.

The breakdown of this movie is, Ryan (Regina Hall) is an entrepreneur and famous author, who describes herself as ‘having it all’.  Ryan is asked to speak at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, so she invites her three long-time best friends, since they haven’t hung out in 5 years. The infamous Flossy Posse turns up the heat in NOLA.

Here’s 3 reasons you must see this movie:

  1. Phenomenal Cast:

The gifted director Malcolm D. Lee (who also directed “The Best Man” & “Barbershop”), and writers Kenya Barris & Tracy Oliver (who created “black-ish”, and wrote “Barbershop”) have truly made Girls Trip a 5-star rated movie.

The beautiful cast, Regina Hall as Ryan, Queen Latifah as Sasha, Jada Pinkett-Smith as Lisa, and Tiffany Haddish as Dina, are extremely talented and a pleasure to watch on screen. The cast just fits! As I watched this movie I literally could see myself and my girls in these women. When a story is this relatable, you will be engaged. The backdrop of New Orleans was the perfect scenery to match the energy that each woman brought. We’ve seen variations of this cast working together before, but this is a completely new perspective.

Let’s not forget to mention, the FINE men in this movie. I’m talking about Mike Colter (star of Netflix’s Luke Cage), Lorenz Tate, and Kofi Siriboe. Ladies, all that chocolate was delicious!

2.  It’s Hilarious!

You literally will be laughing the ENTIRE movie. Tiffany Haddish is a comedic genius. She’s real, outspoken, fun, and freaky - just the type of friend that every group needs. She is truly the life of the party and keeps everyone entertained. HA...and that grapefruit scene is one you’ll never forget. I would only recommend this movie for grown sexy women over the age of 18.

3. It’s inspiring!

What’s a good story without a good message? We’ve all faced challenges and joys in life, so it’s important to celebrate the people who have and will always be by your side. If you’re lucky, that normally include your best girlfriends. Just like the cast, I’ve too experienced the graduations, promotions, weddings, babies, funerals, break-ups, and more with my friends. We have laughed, turnt up, cried, argued, and encouraged each other throughout these years. And one thing that has always kept us as friends, is that we genuinely love each other. This movie reminds me that good friends are irreplaceable. So instead of letting life get too busy, always remember to make time for the people who count, your girls.

So round-up your squad this weekend - and experience a Girls Night Out with the movie Girls Trip.

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With love always,