Spark Joy in Your Space: My First Step of De-cluttering My Mind & Home with Marie Kondo

For quite some time now (let’s just call it what it is, some years) I have struggled with my physical space being the way I know and envision that it could become. Your home is your place of refugee, relaxation, clarity and peace. A home is your sweet spot, a place to let go of all the nonsense and regroup! Right? Well not only did I feel like I was in a war, because of the daily hustle of making someone else rich, but I came home and felt even more deflated, and unable to work for myself, because of my space!

 You ever feel that way? Well, I recently had a major surgery and was down for the count. I discovered this sweet little thing called Netflix, and my life changed. I was already on the road to self-awareness, enlightenment, discovery and acceptance. But it all came rushing at me, the Universe was listening.

I was ready to commit, actually to dedicate myself to changing my habits and to get the positive results that I know I can create and to live the life I deserve!

 It was now time to unapologetically care for myself on every level without feeling bad, ashamed or fearful for choosing to grow myself! I am filling my cup! Let me show you how in baby step number 1.

First: Watch the Marie Kondo mini series on Netflix and/or buy the book the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up. (My dear  friend & retail business owner, Alison gave this to me a few years back. But as a visual person, the TV series really inspired the work I was already trying to do on my own).

I cried, I gasped, I laughed and then I started to get to work. This was affirmation that I too can have a space that allows me the freedom to be my authentic best self and work on my own shit! I am a multi-dimensional woman, who’s creative, ambitious and true among many other things we will discuss later.


Remember, I had already been clearing out and rearranging my stuff, but visually seeing progress was extinct if you ask me. It was hard for me to give my attention to the things that really matter the most to me because as you know “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind.

 It was time to let go of splintering thoughts and focus as best I could, one baby step at a time. Progress honey, not perfection. Marie teaches you that everything has a place.

To examine all that you have and ask yourself, “Self, does this bring me joy?”

 If it does keep it, if it doesn’t than thank it and send it on its way with love! And that’s exactly what I have been doing.

Disclaimer: when you start going through all your stuff you will want to scream, cry and sleep.You may develop temporary paralysis, distraction, confusion, with the vortex and anxiety/depression. When you reach your limit, and trust me you will know, get up! Get up and go for a walk, get coffee with a friend, get out of the space for an hour then return and get back to work.



It is important that you set realistic goals and expectations. This is not something you will get “done” in one day or even a few weeks. This is a freakin marathon!  So make sure to show yourself some love as you go through this challenging but well-worth it adventure. I have full confidence that you can do it! I can feel it! :)

Here are a few tips while you unpack all that is holding you back:

  • Give yourself time BUT set a completion date as well as a date to celebrate your accomplishment!

  • Surrender and let go of the old you and embrace the newest, truest you!

  • Remember to breath, this mess is temporary, your future self will thank your current self for making the sacrifice.

 Lastly, trust that the Universe has got your back, or like Yoga with Adriene, would say…. ”the mat has your back”, which it does. So actually, go get on your yoga mat and stretch, breath, build strength and confidence. I’m serious, go;)

One you clear out the old energies that no longer server your higher self. Then it’s time to move on to baby step #2. The next steps you can view in the blog posting later this month. Stay tuned!


With all my love,




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