5 Affordable Summer Looks

Do you need affordable summer outfit ideas? Between summer weddings, vacations, parties, and ever activity in-between, affordable fashion is definitely needed. Check out these simple summer pieces to place in your closet.

1. Maxi/Sundress Dresses

One way to stay cool this summer is to wear a flowing maxi dress or shirt. With so many colors and patterns, you’ll find one perfect for any occasion. These dresses also compliment every body type.  Check out what’s available at TJ Maxx

2. Jumpsuits & Rompers

Jumpsuits & Rompers are perfect for a night out in the city. You can personalize this look with your own accessories and favorite hairstyles. We found some trendy pairs at Forever 21.

3. Denim Shorts

Every girl needs a good pair of denim shorts that lets you be casual and chill. See what Old Navy has on sale.

4. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Check out what's in stock at Express or make these jeans at home.

5. Strappy Sandals

Cute shoes can be a guilty pleasure and strappy sandals are no exception. These shoes are perfect for a night out. Check out DSW for special discounts and lots of options.

Are you a fan of these effortlessly and affordable summer trends? If yes, show us your summer style by using the hashtag #VisionHerNowSummerStyle.

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