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Thank you for visiting our website. We are women, we are sisters, we are your tribe.

It all started when...

Both of us grew up without knowing each other. We were raised in a single mother household. We reconnected in 2011, when Kristina was a senior in high school and Shyra was working at the same school. Talk about a small world.

During that time, both of us were experiencing some major life changes, and it’s not a coincidence that at that very moment we were brought together.  Throughout the years, our sisterhood blossomed and we are still growing our relationship today. In 2016, we began talking about the idea of doing something together, we both had experienced the trials of growing up without our father, of navigating the world alone, graduating college, being underrepresented in the classroom & workplace, and many other adversaries. And in the same notion, we’d also experienced so many joys and triumphs. Our stories needed to be told, as release for ourselves, but also as inspiration for others. We wanted to create something that could empower and motivate women. In 2017, we birthed a blog, Vision Her Now. Today, we’ve decided to turn our blog into a business, so that we go beyond just telling our story, but also empowering other women to tell theirs, through our business, we can give women the tools & resources to reach their full potential and overcome any challenge they may face.

Our mission is to educate, elevate, and empower women everywhere. And we will not stop until our mission is complete. We are excited to embark on this new journey, and we thank everyone who has supported us thus far.

Love Always,

Krissy & Shy


Shyra Thomas

Motivational speaker, educational consultant, stylista, foodie, photography enthusiast, and health & wellness explorer, who loves to travel and welcomes good vibes from the universe. I am a woman on a journey of discovering, accepting and nurturing what brings me joy. I am creative, spiritual, and driven by love and purpose. I am a woman beautifully and wonderfully made. I believe that every woman is a Queen of her own World and we are connected by our shared experiences.


Kristina (Krissy) Thomas

Marketing/PR professional, Social Media Strategist, Blogger, and a full-time mommy. I love learning new things and discovering new places to explore. I am a woman constantly striving for growth. I only welcome positivity and open-mindedness in my space. My favorite quote is “If you can perceive it then you can achieve it!” I believe everyone has a purpose and the ability to become successful regardless of the challenges we face.